We’ve all wondered “what should we be when we grow up.” Look no further, people. Buzzfeed has the answers to all of life’s most challenging conundrums. What a relief, right?! Recently, every time I’m on facebook, there are a slew of these quizzes (ie “What career should you actually have?” or “Which character from ‘The Office’ are you?”) So we thought we should take the plunge:



Sadly, Derek said his glory days are over and he won’t be quitting his day job. I also gained nothing from my assessment as Pam Beesly, but I’ll take it as a compliment. She seems like a nice gal. But after buzzfeed, we just felt lost. I mean what’s the logical next step in life? Start a blog? Yeah, we thought so too. So here we go! The hubby and I are getting our blog on. We are going to document our projects and discoveries and dreams. (Not sure what all of that means yet; but that’s the point, right? The unknown is intriguing and we’re enjoying the journey!) We hope to connect with many of you and learn a bunch along the way. We are anxious to see how AFTER THE KIDS GO TO BED evolves! To know more about our lil’ fam jam, you can go here or give us a… holler [at] afterthekidsgotobed [dot] com

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