Ok, here’s the thing: I love to decorate for the seasons and holidays, but I don’t like to store a bunch of items for most of the year. If we had a ton of storage space, I would probably make a different wreath for each month. (Derek doesn’t get as jazzed about wreaths, so he’s ok with our current arrangement.) Instead, I collect our already-owned-scattered-around-the-house-everyday-items (ie books and stuffed animals) to decorate for special occasions. (However, I will admit that doing this is a lot easier when you have a kid because of their fun, colorful items.)

For Easter I grabbed some rabbits, some chicks, some dyed rabbit skins (purchased from a truck stop when I was a kid!), plastic eggs, bunny books… and gave it a go!



Mya thinks the hanging pink bunny (below) is pretty hilarious. We told her that’s what happens when you don’t eat your carrots… but she called our bluff.


How are you decorating for Spring or Easter? Do you hoard dead animal skins from family road trips? I’m sure most of you do. Not weird at all.

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