Yes, I watched the “Craigslist Killer” on Lifetime-Television-for-Women with my grandparents and it totally freaked me out. Probably why I had an adversion to the use of Craigslist… until I wanted to get rid of things for cash. Now I’m addicted. (The other night, I found a free goat named Carl and Derek had to remind me that we don’t have a country home as he would need. Super big bummer.)


When I first registered to use Craigslist (which just requires an email address) and posted our first items (bar table and stools), I initially received some sketchy emails from “interested” people. Apparently this is a common occurrence to new users. (I had similar situations when I had a store on Etsy.) Here’s a couple classics:


I had flashbacks to the bad acting, yet compelling Lifetime performance. It almost got me to run; but I’m glad we kept with it because we’ve made a few extra bucks on unused items. (If we’re not using it, we don’t need it in our house!)

One of my favorite searches is “Curb Alert“, which means people just leave items at the curb for anyone’s taking. I haven’t found much of anything that doesn’t look like trash, but it’s still kinda fun to see what’s there.

1. When you post a new item, choose “CL email relay“. This means when people inquire through email (and when you respond back to them), they will never see your actual email address. Instead, it will be something like “”.

2. Do “Cash Only” deals. Write that in your post.

3. Only divulge your street address after you’ve gone back-and-forth emailing with buyer and they’re ready to come pick-up their purchase.

4. Have someone else home with you when buyer comes to pick-up their purchase.

5. Don’t watch “Craigslist Killer”. We all know what happens and it gives Craigslist a baaaaad rap. (Yes, I still dream of Carl.)

Do you buy/ sell on Craigslist? Have any tips or tricks?

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