Derek and I have been married for 4+ yrs and have known each other for 7+. Over the years, our date nights out-and-about have gradually diminished to around one per month… or less. Instead, we create in-home date nights– as I’m sure most parents do! I wardrobe change from what I like to call my “daytime pjs” (sweats) into my “nighttime pjs” (baggy pajama pants). Sometimes we kick-it on the couch with “Shark Tank” or “Modern Family”. Many times I am journaling/ painting/ crafting while he smurfs the internet (ok, that’s not really an in-home date night, but it happens a lot!) And recently, most of the time we are blogging together. Perhaps not the most romantic dates, but we definitely have connected a lot more at home than we ever did at Red Lobster. (Although those cheesy biscuits could bring any couple closer together.)

I gotta give a huge shout-out to my Mamacita because if it weren’t for her, we would never have out-and-about dates. She lives for playing with her one-and-only granddaughter and reinforces the importance of Derek and me taking time for ourselves. Sometimes when she comes, Derek and I just go to the gym or go grab some DQ blizzards (he: “Buster Bar” and me: “Choco Cherry Love”). But most recently, my parents helped me with a 4th Anniversary surprise. They watched Mya while D and I had our first overnight out together in 16+ months!:

I packed his suit and tie, shined his dress shoes, and hid the overnight bag in the trunk. He got in the car not knowing where we were going. When we pulled into our wedding hotel’s parking garage, he was stunned– most likely because I had never been away from Mya more than 3 hrs since she was born! They upgraded our room to our wedding suite and sent up some champagne. This time I changed from my “daytime pjs” into a dress. (This doesn’t happen often, people!) Then we walked to our wedding reception venue: the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. I whipped out my phone and started playing John Legend’s “Stay with you” (our first dance). We danced for the four museum security guards. Craig-the-gift-shop-attendant helped reinact our kissy pic from 4 yrs ago… and we took another throwback photo by our church– this time by our Honda and not a limo.


We picked up a beautiful handwoven basket (out of telephone wire!) from the museum shop. I plan to hang it in the office (or our “Blog Zone” as we are now calling it). Just working on its redesign (soon-to-be-blogged!) Love the bright colors, the industrial aspect of the telephone wire, and the story behind the piece:


Before our anniversary dinner, we facetimed Mya. She puckered up for some goodnight kisses through the screen. (Hoping she never grows out of those chipmunk cheeks!)


Dinner was at McCormick and Schmick’s– which we had not tried and it was pretty tasty. (Picked up a discounted rate at Costco ahead of time.)


So, Mya was 16 months before I spent the night away from her for one night. Maybe ridiculous, but I can’t get enough of our wiggly giggly Nugget. (But yes, a night out with the hubbs was very relaxing and much loved!) To all you other Moms out there, how old was your little one before you took a night out?!

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