Some people have been asking about the centerpiece of Mya’s “Bird”day party. Love that you noticed the cuteness because I hold those babies dear to my heart. My Grandpa cut those out of some scrap wood; and I painted them bright colors. They are now perched in Mya’s room and scattered about the house as spring decor!


I am definitely a fan of using special occasion pieces and basic household items as everyday and seasonal accessories. You don’t have to spend extra money to change-up your home and spruce-up usual space (ie Bunny Business). Here are some other ways we’ve used some usual items in unusual ways:

Our neighbor Janie collects cookie cutters, but was getting rid of duplicates, so I grabbed a heart-shaped one and hung it in Mya’s room:



We needed something to top-off some tall shelves and balance the composition in her room, too. So, I used some tissue puff balls (leftover from hosting a baby-shower) as a quick fix. You can get these at any party supply or hobby store.


I have big plans to make some fake flower balls or tulle poms in the future. Diggin’ these that I found on Etsy from whimsywendy!:


And as an odd-ball, unrelated-to-decor item: I use a toolbox to store my make-up and hair accessories. This baby set me back a whoppin’ $9. It may not be the solution for everyone, but it’s just right for me– Home Depot orange, practicality, stores cute-headbands-that-I-never-wear, and a solution for a clean bathroom counter!



Play and change the way things are used. I dare you. You’re gonna like the way you it looks. How do you keep your home fresh, fun, and organized?!

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