We have been in spring cleaning mode for the past month, and the office is going through a major transformation. I’ll start with a “now” picture, as to not scare you with a “then” picture until later.


We still have a lot more that we want to accomplish, but it’s come a long way from a couple months ago.



But why are we changing things up? We were finding that we just weren’t using our previous office space that much. The massive black desk took up most of the room and there was really only seating for one. And since we’re avid bloggers now (ha!), we wanted a work area where we could both hang out together– away from the distractions of dirty dishes, television, laundry… you know what I’m talking about! Initial changes that we wanted to make:

Paint the walls a lighter color. (Well, honestly Derek could care less what the wall color is, but since I am spending WAY more time in here, I needed a lighter/ brighter color for my creative energy to flow more smoothly.) I’m not sure why picking a paint color is so freaking difficult, but it definitely is for this gal. I eventually decided on “Sheer Mist” from Ace Hardware, but I color matched it at Sherwin Williams because they were having their “40% Off Paints + Stains” sale. Even after painting most of the office, I questioned whether it was the “right” color because it’s across the hall from Mya’s room, and when you view both rooms from the hallway it looks like the two rooms are painted the same color. Ugh. They’re not the same color, but the rooms are far enough apart that it’s difficult to tell the difference from the hallway. But we’re going with it and as I add decorative accents, I like it more and more.

Create a closet office. We will eventually build a built-in desk, but for now we are using a sofa back table that was in my parents’ garage. I already love the fact that we can just close the doors and not see the clutter! (Minus the plastic chair mat and large black chair that will need to be replaced with something smaller. And minus the power cord from closet as we will need to add electrical outlet in closet!)


Create more seating. We took these two swivel chairs from our living room and they are working out well for now. They are pretty comfy, but are stained beyond my cleaning abilities, so I am going to use upholstry spray paint on them. I know. Spray painting a sofa seems weird, but apparently people do this. I figure it will be way cheaper than re-upholstering, I like “weird”, and it will be a fun project. (In the long run, we want to replace the two chairs with a sofa sleeper for guests.)

Create a play space. Yes, Mya’s things have officially taken over every room in our house. I was totally the pregnant lady who thought, “Our kids will have their toys in their rooms and we will still have our adult spaces.” Ha. So naive. But I actually love her stuff adorning each room because we live in our whole house and play in each room every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Creating a play space really just meant using some existing shelves (that I made out of particle board from a dumpster) and having a clear floor space.


So there you have it. We’re far from done with the office transformation, but we’re OFFice to a good start!


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