As Derek recently pointed out, I must like sticks. Throughout our home, sticks can be seen in almost every room — painted sticks in vases, sticks as wall art, stick design on a shower curtain… I suppose I like the randomness of pattern, the thought of bringing the outdoors within. In any case, it’s an inexpensive way to fill a vase and add some rustic warmth to a room.


Above: Sticks are curly willow. The white vases are from Target– purchased 3 yrs ago, $15 each.


Arbor shower curtain is from CB2 a few years back. It’s been discontinued since then, but CB2 changes their patterns often and they usually have fun and inexpensive curtains. I also purchased rolling curtain rings from CB2 and I give them a thumbs up– they never get stuck, always a smooth glide. (Apparently the theme for the guest bath is “grey”. Derek, we might need to add some color in here too!)


Sticks (that I collected from around our yard last year) are spray painted silver. They sit in what Derek likes to call our “golfball vases.” Vases are from HomeGoods, $10 each.


Yes, you’ve seen these colorful sticks before in a recent Art Attack. I made them in a grade school art camp. We collected twigs from around the yard, sanded and painted them. To connect them to each other, we drilled small holes halfway through each connection point and inserted a toothpick piece with some wood glue. It is surprisingly sturdy. But if you were looking to make it a lot faster, I would skip the drilling and whip out the good-ol’ hot glue gun.

I’m not sure when the stick motif began, but it seems like it’s here to stay. What themes do you have throughout your home? If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive motif, might I suggest “gettin’ twiggy with it“? Yup. That just happened.

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