Each year for Memorial Day, Kiewit in Lenexa, KS installs hundreds of flags on their lawn. We’ve taken Mya the past two years. It’s a beautiful place to reflect on the fallen and reminds us of our many blessings in life. Around the many rows of flags, Mya has been pretty pensive– as if she feels the weight and light of freedom. (Or it may just be that the sun was in her eyes.)

PensiveMya In any case, she makes me see the world in a much purer way–

to enjoy every ounce of the every breath, to find the beauty in all things,


to inhabit every moment… and to be so so silly.


Thank you to all that have served and fallen for our freedom– honoring you today, tomorrow, and always. We are forever grateful for your sacrifice and service; and we vow to cherish every moment of our lives.



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