A couple months ago, I attempted to submit a video to the DIY network requesting that Ahmed Hassan (landscape contractor) and his team come “crash our yard.” It never successfully downloaded, so now it’s just another documentation of our yard progression. Derek’s never seen the video until this post– “Happy Father’s Day!”

I realized that our chances of getting a yard crash were pretty slim, but I’m a dreamer and I wanted to teach myself how to use iMovie. Turns out, it’s pretty easy to use– even for me! I took a bunch of short videos with Mya on my phone, emailed them to myself, and downloaded to the computer. If I ran into any speed bumps– like how to add background music, I would find a short tutorial on Apple online support and it was easy breezy. (Appologies to all you computer literate people out there– this is probably really boring for you!) Main point: check out iMovie if you’ve been wanting to make your own videos. If I can do it, you definitely can do it! (And if you have a PC, there are alternative options– like Movavi-– but I’ve never tried them out.)

Just within the past couple months, we have done a little yard crashing of our own. You saw some stuff, but we’re still going strong– trying to beautify the yard on a dime.

Our city collects yard waste for composting rather than disposal; materials are processed into compost and wood chip mulch and offered back to city residents for FREE! Many cities probably offer this, so before you go buying tons-o-mulch for your landscaping, check out your free options. However, do be aware that there are definite differences from the free mulch to the store-bought mulch:

1. Store-bought mulch retains color much longer.

2. Store-bought mulch has uniform sized wood chips.

3. Store-bought mulch is treated for bugs. Free mulch is not advised to be placed directly next to your home because it has not been treated for termites, etc.

Since we needed lots of mulch (and still need more after two truckloads!) for the retaining wall, we borrowed my parents’ truck and got back to work. At the top of our retaining wall, the grass has never grown completely to the edge. This is because the roots don’t have enough room to grow with the stone underneath and the stone gets so hot during the summer and scorches the grass. Sooooo… Derek sprayed weed and grass killer and we raked on the free mulch. We will later rock the back edge, but it already looks so much better!



On a much lighter (those wheelbarrows of wood chips got heavy!) note, Mya gives her Daddy thumbs up for Father’s Day. (Or at least this is her attempt at a thumbs up. Looks more like she’s giving us a stickup.)


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