Remember when we painted the office a different color and moved some things around? I had plans of spray painting the two tan swivel chairs and finally hanging things on the walls. Even after ordering/ receiving the dark gray upholstry spray paint, I had some reservations: “What if the paint doesn’t work and I ruin two perfectly good chairs? What if 6 cans aren’t enough?– I don’t want to spend any more than that $60 on this experiment.” I was going to forge forward and take the plunge, but then I met this guy… an oversized blue chair on super-sale at JCPenny and he wanted to come home with me.


Kevin (the JCP associate) rang-up “Big Blue” with a 10% coupon on top of the super-sale. (I heart JCP. You can always find everything on sale and then you can always get an extra 10%-15% coupon online– which I look-up on my phone and they scan during check-out.) So with an original price of $1695, Big Blue was ours for $194.32— still a pretty penny, but I knew just where he was going to live and I couldn’t wait to get him home!

But let’s step back and assess the room constraints and dimensions– basically a 9′ x 10′ room. One might be worried that a huge chair would not work in a small room. Normally I would totally agree, but for what we currently use the office for (ie lounging and reading and playing and blogging), the Big Blue addition would be perfect! And because we’re visual people (and a bit nerdy), we thought we’d throw together some floor plans to document our office transformation. (We made these with— which is free!)


The swivel chairs had to go. They are comfy, but weren’t conducive to reading to Mya as she sat on our lap or working blogging on a laptop. We returned the swivel chairs to my parents (their original owners) and they, in turn, took them to a consignment store. I think we’ll keep the green toy/ book shelves in the office for now, but plan to swap them out for something more sturdy, with more storage, and a bit more sophisticated in the not-so-near future. Maybe something like these or these?

I’ve always liked the idea of having a pillow-pit (normal, right?) with kids. It wouldn’t be intended for diving, jumping, or throwing– just for reading. But if some get thrown around, then so be it– I can hear Mya giggling with delight already! We lounge on the floor a lot and read and read and read, so a pillow-pit seems completely necessary.
There’s still work to be done: hang items on walls, build closet desk (waiting for Ikea to open in the fall, so we can explore some shelving options!), install electrical outlet in closet, add dimmer to overhead light, create pillow-pit… and I’m sure we’ll think of more along the way! But it feels good to look at the transformation thus far– so much more relaxing and inviting than before!



Mya and plush friends approve.


In the future, this room will be the guest room because the existing guest room will most likely be another kid room. (No, Mom. Not prego. Just a ridiculous planner.) The office is the smallest bedroom and– because we hardly have guests stay with us– it will work just fine. But I’ll always want a guest bed, so we’ll grab a sleeper sofa like this one when needed. (Fingers crossed they’ll be on super-sale like at JCP.) When the sleeper sofa moves in, Big Blue will have to find a new room, but that’s ok. He said he’s flexible.
What room updates are you working on? Find any super-sales lately?!

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    June 29, 2014 at 8:31 AM

    I had the delight of reading to Mya in big blue. After the first book she climbed off the chair and onto the pillows that were on the floor and instructed me to sit on one, too. When I went to the shelves for more books, she pointed and patted the pillow beside her. She prefers the “pillow pit.” 🙂

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      June 29, 2014 at 10:10 AM

      Yeeeeah… we figured her wiggly-self might be drawn to the Pit, but we’ll have to add more pillows for Derek’s and my comfort level. 🙂

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