On our first date, Derek and I discussed how rattles and creaks and unnecessary noises drove us both bonkers. No lie. We’re that exciting. But when he hinted that he would take care of such things for me, I figured I should probably claim him as my own. So recently, when our garage stair started to really make some noise, the man got to work. With some scrap wood in the garage, he fashioned a support mid-stair and wah-lah!– The squeaky stairs were no more!


We had also been gifted some Revitalize resurfacer and it had been sitting in our garage for a month. (My Dad used it on their garage stairs and had leftovers, so we gladly accepted the hint that our stairs needed a facelift.) Derek’s good at fixing things and I’m alright with a paintbrush, so now it was my turn. After the first coat, it was already looking so much better!


Revitalize can be purchased at Menards, but there are a slew of other comparable products, such as Restore at Home Depot. These resurfacers are great for stairs because their coating is slip resistant. There is some sort of grit in it that adds a rough texture, yet it is barefoot friendly and greatly reduces the chance of splinters. So as Mya crawls or jumps (yes, we’re beginning to jump off stairs now– yikes!), our minds can be less worrisome of potential splinters and more focused on broken bones. Super.

Just two coats and less than an hour total paint/ dry time and the garage stairs makeover was complete.


(1) gallon of Wood + Concrete Resurfacer @ ~ $30 (We probably only used 1/5 gallon for our stairs, so a gallon will go a long way.)
(1) Paintbrush (Resurfacer can easily be cleaned off paintbrush with water, so brush can be reused.)
(1) Roller (We did not use a roller, but if you have a large area to paint, then you might want to consider.)
(1) Sander + Sandpaper (We did not need to sand our stairs, but if your deck or garage stairs are rough, you might want to sand first.)

What quick home improvement projects have you done lately?

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