I was never big on Brussels sprouts until recently. It wasn’t the taste that kept me away, mostly just a food that I had never really had the urge to explore. That all changed one night when having dinner with some friends at Kansas City’s Pizzabella. We were told we had to to try them out, so we obviously obliged with no particular expectations, just the intrigue that arose from their excitement. One taste and we were sold. Since then, every time I pass Brussels sprouts in the grocery store I consider picking up a few to try to replicate that taste.


Aside from being a delicious side dish, these bad boys are packed with all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and even some cancer fighting properties. To maintain the most health benefit when preparing these mini-cabbages, you should steam or roast them rather than boiling. Our vote is for roasting. Give our recipe below a try and you’ll be one happy, healthy herbivore.



And now, a side note and short parable for my fellow dads out there. Mya loves helping cook in her own little kitchen– she’s the queen of stews in our house. This kitchen is designed to grow with her, so she can continue to enjoy it as she gets bigger. A few evenings ago, Ashley was upstairs working on a project and I was trying to be a helpful husband and do a little picking up around the house. When I got to Mya’s kitchen, it seemed like a good time to give the “big girl” setup a shot.


The next morning, the girls went downstairs and discovered the new arrangement. I can’t quite say they were excited. Ashley said that after seeing the switch, Mya looked at her puzzled. Partially from the remodel, but partially from the sense that Mum was a little bummed out by the change. What I saw as helping Mya with a taller kitchen, Ashley saw as an end of a stage for our baby girl and she wasn’t quite ready to part with that yet. The kitchen converted back to the mini-version for another day so the ladies could say their goodbyes, but now Mya is back to work in her new layout. Ashley felt silly that I had switched it back to the little version that morning. But it just reminded me that these little ones grow up way too fast (and I have an extremely sentimental wifey) and it never hurts to hang on a little longer and cherish each moment while it’s here.


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