Last Friday, Mya was a flower girl in a friend’s wedding. The bride made it super easy on us and just requested an all white ensemble. So a month ago, we set out to find the cutest, comfiest, and cost effective white flower girl gear. After a few store runs, some returns, late night online shopping, and diy details, here’s what we wound up with. And yes, she is eating cheese.


HEADBAND: Mya’s a pretty easy-going kid, but she has her quirks– one of them being hair accessories. If I wanted her to keep something on her head, I knew it needed to be fixed and fitted– tight enough to not move around, but loose enough to not squeeze her head or pull her hair. (The girl goes for comfort, just like her Mama!) So, I picked up a wide white headband ($2) in Hobby Lobby’s bridal section and a yard of floral white ribbon ($3) and set-out to make something happen. It didn’t take much– just a needle and thread– and she was one happy girl.


SO glad we made it because when we arrived at the wedding, the florist gave us a silk flower ribbon, which Mya was supposed to wear (unbeknownst to us until that moment!) There was no way she was going to leave that piece on her head because it shifted and tickled (as she claimed.) So we tied it to the white headband and it worked perfectly!

DRESS: We searched a few places for a white dress, but ended up ordering this one online from JCPenney. It fit her great– not too tight and super fluffy with the tulle layers– and it was on sale for $30! When we put it on her, she underwent a princess transformation and she immediately knew how cute she looked. I added a $2 rhinestone bead embellishment on the waistline (also from Hobby Lobby.)


SHOES: These were the most difficult items to find, which is why I ended up paying $40 for a comfy pair. I had purchased some for $10, but when I got home and put them on her, Mya kept saying “ow ow ow ow,” so I figured those weren’t going to work. Bummer. I couldn’t believe I was paying more for shoes than her dress, but I searched high and low for simple white dress shoes in her tiny size. Ridiculous. These ones from Nordstrom were the only ones that she would wear– and continues to wear around the house. (Tonight after bath she was actually running around the house only wearing these shoes. Yes, completely naked. But had to have her white patent leather dress shoes.)

The wedding hosted 350 guests, but Mya handled her flower girl duties like a lil’ pro. I didn’t get to see her ride the wagon down the aisle (as I was sprinting to meet her at the alter’s side entrance), but everyone said she was waving and smiling the whole time.


 But we can’t give her too much credit. After all, Mya has worn white a few times before.


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