Not every project turns out the way we envision. We’re not the only ones with this issue, right?! Sometimes we plant basil and cilantro and forget to water it and it dies. It happens. But sometimes we are surprised by our efforts and the outcome is glorious… or at least better than expected. So, to learn from our mistakes and victories, we’ll give updates from time-to-time:

You already saw the desk we refurbished, but we hadn’t quite decided on where to put it. Turns out, we didn’t move it far from its debuted photoshoot location– just a couple feet away, by our back sliding door. Mya had a fold-up play table there, but we moved that to the basement and placed the new school desk in its new home. She continues to pile more and more of her favorite little things in/on/around/under her desk. Alas, storage baskets/ bins may be needed. Or we could get rid of some toys. But I’m betting Mya would opt for storage containers.


And remember how we painted a turtle on the desk’s wood top because of Mya’s turtle obsession? Her search for the turtle in our swampy side yard continues…


As Derek highlighted in a Foodie Friday post, I was reluctant to transition Mya’s play kitchen from little to big kid height. But I have adapted to the change and Mya seems to appreciate the new setup’s ergonomics. We had a small rolling storage system in the basement that we weren’t using for anything significant, so we made it into Mya’s own little pantry. She is slyly snagging my tupperware for her own use.


The spontaneous air plant purchase has not backfired– all five are alive! It will be a sad day if I am somehow not able to keep these guys well because they are extremely low maintenance: Once a week, I fill a cereal bowl with water, dip and submerge the air plants in it for a few seconds, drain the water from the bowl, let them dry in the bowl, and then place the air plants back in their pods. I hope I’m not jinxing myself!


We’ve sporadically planted some more flowers the past few months. We will debut them once we have our mulch beds completed (five truckloads down and only one more to go!) One of my favorite flower  purchases were some Ornamental Lilies from Home Depot– they were only $9.99! We took the below picture soon after planting them a couple months ago, so the blooms were in their prime. Since then, all petals have fallen but the leaves still look healthy.


It was time. Time to transition from infant seat to child seat. I took another long sigh of realization that our babes was surpassing another stage in life and told myself to buck-up. Because Mya needed to buckle-up… in a comfy, safe seat. After thorough research comparing safety ratings, price, comfortability and size, we ended up purchasing the Evenflo Maestro from Target. With our REDcard, we received 5% off and free shipping, so the total price was just $82.73. We thought that was pretty good after seeing much higher prices on comparable seats. So far, the Maestro has fulfilled our hopes and dreams. Mya loves facing forward and enjoys having two of her very own cup holders… mainly for her toys, but sometimes for her beverage. Initially, the shoulder straps kind of rubbed on her, but we just transferred her shoulder strap covers from her infant seat to the new seat and that seemed to do the trick. Another addition we might make is a neck pillow for when she needs to nap in the car. She’s fallen asleep a few times on short rides home; and since the seat’s sides are too far for her head to rest, it looks rather uncomfortable. We’ll give another update in a couple months, but so far so good.


Since our first garage sale, we have been able to get rid of unused items and organize our unfinished basement. It has morphed into 1/3 storage, 1/3 playroom for Mya, 1/3 lady lair for me. We still have more decluttering and organizing, but for now the basement is being used a lot more than before!


Please tell me that we’re not the only ones with boxes and drawers and tubs and folders of childhood photos, random keepsakes, birthday cards, ticket stubs, memorable receipts… or anything else that one collects for one reason or another. Even though this clutter wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but us, I’d never want to get rid of it. But rather of it being scattered and hidden all around the house, it was time to do something about it. Yes, it was a daunting task to gather it all up and face the unknown, but once it was all in one place, it was much less intimidating. Derek setup the large black desk (previously in the office) and I’m able to spread-out my projects in a somewhat organized manner. For the past week, I’ve been trying to work at least a little bit each night on placing our saved items onto scrapbook pages. They aren’t going to be super shnazy looking with fancy paper, but all our items will (eventually) be in books and all in one place… for my peace of mind. I thought I would get bored working on it… in the basement… by myself; but I’m enjoying the quiet after the active days. There is a lot more to go, but each completed page creates a silly sense of accomplishment. And reflecting on childhood journal entries, Derek’s high school glory days, our dating years, and everything else in between is pretty uplifting too.

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