I say “sort of” because we’re pretty worn out. Derek’s been working on some major yard improvements and Mya and I have been traveling… and battling bedtime. (Yes, she’s 21 months and it still takes us an hour to lull her to sleep. I love the cuddles and the loves and even her jibber-jabber as she tries to debate her way out of sleeping, but it is wearing me down– as seen in my baggy eyes, lack of posture, and late night comfort food cravings.) But I won’t bore you with the sleepy mommy syndrome. Instead, I’ll share the super memorable experience of Mya’s first plane trip!


My Mom (or “Nana”– naw-naw– as Mya calls her) and I took Mya on her first plane trip to Arizona to visit family. Prior to flight, I had mentally prepared myself for the worst flight experience possible– ear problems, stinky diapers, a wiggly 25 lb Nugget. Derek loaded up the tablet with some Tinker Bell and Disney favorites, just in case we needed to resolve to a screen. But thankfully, Nana scheduled the non-stop flight during Mya’s nap time; and as it turned out, she fell asleep during take-off. When we landed and were deboarding, everyone told us they didn’t even realize a child was with us. Phew– crisis averted!

Another preparatory tactic that we made in anticipation of our trip was the purchase of a lightweight umbrella stroller. I really didn’t want to add another vehicle to Mya’s fleet in the garage, but just the thought of luggage plus baby plus her miniature play things made my back ache. We also had a deal on our credit card where if we spent $20 on Amazon, we’d get $20 back, so that gave us the extra push to purchase. After researching and debating the vast market of lightweight strollers, we landed on the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller (in cobalt blue). At less than 12 lbs, it has a one-hand and self-standing fold, and a good-sized storage basket. The cupholders for baby and Mom are small, but still useful for little snack cups and play things… and rocks. We really can’t complain with our $34.42 steal-of-a-deal! (And I just saw that you can purchase the same stroller at Walmart too.)


In AZ, Mya and I took some super early morning walks (courtesy of 2-hr time change). They were great because it was quiet, not 110 degrees yet, and there were plenty of rocks to collect along the way– currently one of Mya’s favorite activities.


We also found an orange tree (which I thought was a lime tree, but apparently they’re just unripe oranges.) Mya didn’t care what kind of fruit tree it was. She was just happy to have some new balls.


Welp, just wanted to let you all know that we’re alive and well… just a bit sleepy. But we’re getting back in the swing of things and have some projects in the works, so we’ll be sharing soon. In the meantime, if you have any tips + tricks on soothing a kiddo to sleep (besides whiskey), throw them our way.

Mya’s first second (return trip home) flight. Papa, you might just have a co-pilot in a few more years.


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    Jo Ann
    August 26, 2014 at 10:17 AM

    When are you going to write children’s books? When you have the time, you have the talent.

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      August 26, 2014 at 11:05 PM

      Thanks, Jo Ann! But I’m not sure the world is ready for my sleepy shenanigans. 😉

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