Full disclosure here: I feel out of my element and I need to recharge. And even though I doubt anyone cares (besides you, Mom) that I have the bloodshot eyes, I’m going to share anyway because it’s healthy to vent… right? Our super active (almost) 22 month old has us going non-stop, full speed, and says “no” 9 times outta 10. She is one beautifully feisty chica. I’m confused. Is this normal?… (Please disregard the in-the-process-of-organizing-basement clutter and large canvas “tunnels.” Oh, and a shirtless Mya.)

Yes, it’s adorable. I completely loooooove her jibber jabber. I just thought I’d have a few more years until I had to explain everything. She’s going to be smarter than me in a few months and I’m going to have to google everything for answers. (Derek, we might need a bigger data plan!)

So, at 9:00 pm, when we have the house sorta picked up for the next day of play, it’s my time to get some projects going. But lately, all I’ve wanted to do is organize closets, swiffer sweep, and declutter because it takes zero brain power. And while I do these simple tasks, I’ve been visualizing Mya’s 2nd birthday party, wavering between various themes. (Yes, I am most definitely blessed to live such a carefree life.) Here were the contenders:

TWO-TWO CUTE. A tu-tu/ princess theme. Derek thought of this one– he’s such a fun Dada! Recently, Mya has shown much interest in wearing a crown and dress around the house and being a princess. It doesn’t get cuter than this, people! And although I have watched the below video so many times to relive those moments, I know we’ll have many princess themed parties in the future. I’m going to hang on to something more simple and pure (no offense, Disney)… for at least one more year! (Warning: Don’t be alarmed by my loudness 1:10 into video. And watch out for the crazy kid 1:30 and after– she’s a wild one!)

And these are normal princess activities, right?…


BUBBLES, BABIES, and ROCKS. These are a few of Mya’s favorite things. (We recently mentioned Mya’s rock obsession here.) Last year it was “birdies” and now we’ve discovered more of life’s amazing gifts… like rock piles.


Our BUBBLY litttle girl is turning 2! Just bubbles– because I thought it might be creepy to have babies and rocks and bubbles as decor. I mean, where do you even go with that as far as a cake? Less is more, Ashley. Less is more. And bubbles would be super fun… as seen with others’ creativity:


From left: bubble decor, DIY bubble tin favors, bubble lollipops, bubble cake

TEA for TWO. Mya is getting into the whole tea party thing. Her go-to items for our picnic tea party in the living room are 2 small plastic red cups, 1 small tupperware purple pitcher, 1 hand towel for sitting on, water, sometimes cheese, sometimes crackers, and always grapes. We’re working on the whole “cheers” thing.

But alas, the vision of kids spilling liquid and snacks all over the place has me reluctant to participate in those charades.We’ll just put this idea in the back pocket for future years.

Our little FLOWER is turning 2! For at least the past year, Mya has always stopped to smell the roses… and lilies and daisies and dandelions and leaves. If it’s a plant (or even fake foliage), she has her nose in it. We stop on nature walks, in the grocery store, wherever we are and take some deep sniffs in (and out) with the florals. Like all other Mamas, I cherish countless moments with my little nugget; but there’s something about my little girl pausing life, surrounded by blooms, that I will forever hold dear in my heart.


Soooo… “FLOWERS” it is. Prepare yourselves for a floral explosion.. in about two months! (Just kidding, Derek. I’ll try to contain myself.) What are some of your favorite kid party themes?

And in attempt to recharge, we asked Nana and Papa to watch Mya for TWO nights in a row this weekend. I’ll miss our sassy missy, but she’s already counting down the days. And perhaps I’ll be able to get more than basic chores accomplished in those 48 hours!


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