“Serious case of the Mondays” because it was one crazy 24 hours yesterday. (Today’s Tuesday, right? Oy. I’m so thrown off!) I will share the day’s highs and lows, but first lemme back track to this weekend with my 10 yr high school reunion. (It all relates… sort of!)



6:00 PM: As Derek drove us to the reunion, I told him “This is either going to be really fun… or really awkward.” I am pretty much the worst at keeping in touch with friends (one of the main reasons why we started this blog!) I figured convos could get repetitive and Derek would be bored out of his mind. Buuuut, it was the complete opposite! If you think it looked like a good time, you would be correct. I called it quits at 12:30, as I was falling asleep at a bar.


6:30 AM: Mya woke up and I hate alcohol. I had three drinks, but that’s three too many for this girl. It made me want to do a full-body cleanse, even though I’m not quite sure what that is. Do you just eat apples for a week? Do you stand on your head for an hour? I dunno. But Derek and I had been talking about “clean eating” for awhile and it got me thinking about it more. Now on to one crazy Monday…

10:00 AM: Mya had a photo session at JCPenney portraits. We buy Groupon and Amazon vouchers for $20 (or less) and it’s a super sweet deal. A usual package consists of 3 images on CD and 3 print pages of your choice. We pick our favorite 3 for the CD (to ensure the highest image quality.) Then we print the largest size possible for our 3 other picture pages (which we then scan to the computer to also have them on file.) Anyway, a great price for some priceless moments…



She is wearing her halloween costume, so we’ll debut her full outfit on the 31st!

11:00 AM: Mya and I ventured to Sprouts Farmers Market to pick-up some specialty items: almond meal, gluten free flour, ground flaxseed, ground chia seeds, hemp hearts, almond milk, and a myriad of nuts. Ironic– as we would unfortunately soon find out.

Mya had gone with Dada to Sprouts a few weeks ago. She picked out a vegan muffin and loved it!


2:30 PM: After Mya’s nap, I needed a snack. Mya and I sat with our burritos (hers: black bean tortilla; mine: black bean, tilapia, salsa tortilla). She decided she only wanted some trail mix (not from Sprouts) that I was also snacking on. I told her she couldn’t have the trail mix until she ate some of her burrito. But she didn’t eat any burrito, so she didn’t eat anything at that time. (I wasn’t too concerned because she had good food before nap; and I just figured she’d choose to eat again in 1/2 hour.)

Within minutes, she started itching her eyes and her face was covered in red splotches. I called Derek, not knowing what to do. I thought she had been exposed to that trail mix before, but maybe not. For sure she has had peanut butter, cashews, almonds… So I didn’t get why she was having a reaction to something.


3:00 PM: The pediatrician was able to see Mya asap. She had hives– my poor baby! I felt so guilty to have subjected her to something her body rejected. She was so brave and calm as the doc checked everything out. But she made sure to stick that lip out and put on a show!


The nurse gave her some benadryl and most of the hives seemed to clear within minutes. She just looked tired. She needed blood work, so we left to pick-up Dada on the way to Children’s Mercy. (Yeah, there was no way I was going to do that alone if I didn’t have to!)

4:00 PM: For labs, Mya sat on my lap. I was instructed to tightly hold her feet and legs between my legs, hold her left arm tightly to her chest, and hold her right arm down so that the nurse could draw what was needed. I wished more than anything that they could’ve drawn my blood instead. But to all– nurse included– of our amazement, Mya didn’t flinch one little bit when the nurse stuck her with that needle. Mya watched the whole time… the blood being extracted through a tube and into a little vile. I was so in awe of my daughter’s strength… all 25 lbs 11 oz of her. I’ve flinched more than that when having tests done! She must get it from her Dada.

5:30 PM: We ran through the rain and all piled into the car. As I buckled her in, a wave of fatigue/worry/relief hit me. I teared up a little and Mya said “No sad, Mama. Happy.” She is so beautiful. We promised her “ice cream” for being brave, so she must’ve said that 50 times on the way home.

6:30 PM: After a looooong car ride (#ihaterushhour), Mya sat with Dada on the couch and ate their strawberry ice cream while watching the recent fave: Despicable Me. I ran around the kitchen disinfecting everything because I still don’t know what exactly caused her allergic reaction. (We will get her lab results back in a week.)

7:48 PM: Mya fell asleep within minutes of rocking with Mama. It usually takes her a lot longer than that, but she was wiped out… as were the rents!

8:30 PM: Derek said, “I think I have a sinus infection.” Ugh– my poor lil’ fam jam! I busted out some of the Sprouts ingredients (sans nuts, just in case) and went to work in the kitchen… until 1:00 AM. The result: Some quinoa-oat-flaxseed-hempheart-honey-cranberry bars that are pretty tasty. But there’s room for improvement, so I’ll spare you the trial recipes and just share the absolute winners. (Mya doesn’t like the bars by themselves, but I mixed them in her pancakes and plain greek yogurt.)


We officially started our journey to better eating! I would say that we eat pretty well– we hardly eat out and we cook 6 outa 7 nights. However… we’re getting tired of the same recipes and our snacks (ie PBJ, chips, crackers) could definitely improve. Things are definitely changing ’round here. I’ve got a lot of research and experimenting to do. If you have any clean cooking recipes, please send them our way.

And as if this post isn’t random enough…

Mya had a more carefree day today. I love that she loves to paint!


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    October 14, 2014 at 11:25 PM

    It was so great to see you and Derek at the reunion! I’m so happy to read that Mya was better today!! Poor baby! She is so darn cute! Keep us posted on what her blood results say. How interesting. When I was a baby I would break out in hives if I had strawberries. Thankfully, I grew out of that and can eat them without the hives part. Praying it’s something little! Xoxo!

    • Reply
      October 15, 2014 at 9:44 PM

      Hey, Mandi! Thanks for your kind words… I will definitely keep you posted on the labs. Sorry for the loooooong post. Just had to vent to the world, I guess. 😛

  • Reply
    October 15, 2014 at 6:07 PM

    Sorry to hear Mya had an allergic reaction. That would be so scary, but I’m glad to hear she is doing better.

    • Reply
      October 15, 2014 at 9:29 PM

      Yeeeeeah… I got a little emotional with this post. 😛 I’ll try to keep those to a minimum! Mama was havin’ a rough day.

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