One of the reasons I like writing these baby faves posts is because it takes me back to younger Mya times. And since she is almost 2 years old (yowzers!), I had some catching up to do. Here’s what made our lives more easy, convenient, and funners. Yeah, I said “funners.”


1. Craftsman Tool Tote. We use this for our car toy organizer and love it– sturdy with lots of pockets! I’m a girl that loves Craftsman, durability, and a good deal; and this tool carrier has turned out to be a winner! I bought ours at Sears— where they have various colors available, but we went with girly pink. They are normally $13, but we got ours 50% off around the holidays, so keep your eyes open for an even better deal!

2. Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Teething Drops. Just the thought of little teeth piercing through your baby’s gums is enough to make any parent wince with pain.  But when we found some homeopathic teething drops that soothed Mya’s pain, all three of us were pretty happy… and able to sleep. $4

3. Husky Hang-Alls. ‘Member when Derek cleared some garage wall space with some sweet bike hoists? This meant we could move Mya’s vehicles onto the wall. We had some utility hooks, but adding these Hang-Alls created ease of access. $4

4. Radio Flyer Trike. After reading a bunch of online reviews, we landed on the 4-in1 trike. What sold me? The sun canopy. What sold Derek? The detachable push-pole to save our achy old backs from bending over. $80

5. Teething Tools. This ice teether (even when not frozen) was one of Mya’s go-tos. Whoever invented this vibrating teether, I commend (and thank) you. And I liked this teether because of its included hygienic carrying case. $2-$6

6. Outlet Covers + Cabinet Locks. Every empty outlet in our house has a cover on it. Maybe because Derek is an ex-firefighter. Maybe because I witnessed my lil’ bro at age 5 get zapped by sticking a paperclip in a socket. (He survived.) But I guess it really doesn’t matter why, since these guys are cheap and you can’t put a price on your kid’s safety. Amiright or amiright?! But just in case you’re wondering… Outlet Covers: $3 for 36-pack | Cabinet Locks: $5 for 10-pack

7. Potty Chairs. Lemme be clear here: Mya’s not potty-trained yet, but we bought some potty seats around 18 months to start talking about the new possibilities. (We went with this potty chair and this potty seat with hook.) I was convinced that I’d have her trained by 2 years old, but that’s only 4 days away so I’m admitting defeat and adjusting my goal. Prices vary: around $10-$25

8. OXO Tot Large Flip-Top Snack Cups. There’s endless options of snack containers out there, but these are my fave. They fit within a cup holder, the lids are secure, and they’re the perfect size. (They also have a smaller option, but we opt for the larger.) $6

What are some of your 12-18 month baby must-haves? (Besides Redbox and a bag of chocolate chips.)

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    November 9, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    Great idea about using that Craftsman Tote for something other than tools. They should make a Craftsman Moms line and use you as their spokeswoman. : )

    • Reply
      November 12, 2014 at 9:19 PM

      Thanks, Eric! Let it be known to Craftsman, that I’m available for work whenever needed. 😉

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