My sister-in-law was clearing out her garden for the colder weather and offered to give us a lot of chard. Doesn’t “chard” just sound nasty? I thought so. But who am I to turn down free food?! And I was intrigued by the look of it– so leafy, crisp, and colorful.


My Mom always says chard is great in soups– as it is in her labor intensive chicken noodle soup, but I wasn’t quite ready to tackle that recipe. So we busted out the trusty ‘ol crock-pot, used what we had in the pantry, and as it turns out… chard isn’t nasty. It’s quite tasty!


1 lb boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts
3 cups Chard, stems removed and chopped
14.5 oz (1 can) Tomatoes, fire roasted and diced
16 oz (1 can) Great Northern Beans
2 cups Water
Salt and Pepper to taste

We also tried to bake some “chard chips” because we like “kale chips,” but it wasn’t as victorious. Eh well. Ya’ lose some. Ya’ win some.

Speaking of winners… We had a huge milestone on the potty today. As Mya would put it, she had a “big toot.” (Sorry if we spoiled your appetite. Hoping you think it’s cute and not “nasty.”)


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