Turns out we have more than one Christmas tree. Not sure if all are worth mentioning, but Mya is proud of them all, so I must include them. Hopefully you’ll see something that is worth incorporating in your home for the holidays.

THE BIG KAHUNA: Alright, it’s not that big (it’s barely a 7 footer), but it’s a perfect size for our space. Four years ago, some family friends were getting a new tree and gifted us their no-longer needed turquoise wonder– so grateful! Some of my favorite aspects of our tree:

Silver chain garland. This is new this year! With a $2.50 bag of silver pipe cleaners, we made some garland.



Every ornament has a story.


Santa hat tree topper.


THE BABY KAHUNA: The decorating on this lil’ guy was turned over to Mya this year… for which she is quite proud. Her tactic was to take her Sofia the First matching game cards and sprinkle them all over the tree.


PINK PIXIE HOLLOW: I got this tree at Hobby Lobby last year for under $10. Mya likes having her own tree in her room and yes, she got to decorate this one too. We had some pink pom pom garland and then her fairy friends landed around the tree. Her birthday hat is the topper.



CHARLIE BROWN TREE: When Derek and I lived in our one bedroom apartment, this was our one-and-only Christmas tree. We got it at Walgreens. I love this pic because it shows how small Mya still is compared to Dada. Whenever her eye itches she says, “soap in eye, soap in eye!” So dramatic.


DIY POM POM TREE: The thought with this lil’ craft project was that Mya and I could do it together. And we did, but it quickly turned into doing it myself, as she was way more interested in throwing puff balls (and dumping everything all over the floor.)


What did I expect, right?! But I was still able to get most of it done with her. Any project that you can complete with a 2 yr old is a huge success story– even if it is only some hot glue, cardboard cones, and pom poms! #smallvictory


Notice how there are no presents under any of our trees. I fear that some little hands would get too anxious and open them a bit early. I can’t wait to see her excitement on Christmas morning!


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