Sometimes I wonder if certain things are worth posting or not. Such as spray painting a vase?! But then sometimes the easiest projects have enough impact that it’s worth mentioning. If you have an old vase, this is a really quick way to make it new again. We had three plain vases that needed some spunk. Instead of painting the whole thing, I just wanted to give it a base and hide the flower stem ends (once flowers were placed in them.)



Spray Paint (My fave is Krylon.)
Painter’s Tape (Wider is better, but whatever you have will do the trick.)
Plastic bag (Our vases were small enough to just use a grocery bag, but a larger bag may be needed depending on your vase size.)
X-Acto knife (Optional)


1. Collect your desired vases to spray paint.
2. Use painters’ tape to tape-off section of vase that you’d like to paint.
3. Use plastic grocery bag to cover and tie-off section of vase that you want to remain transparent.
4. Spray paint the exposed vase areas. Just to be careful not to overspray under plastic bag on covered vase section, I pointed nozzle in opposite direction of bag while spraying.
5. Remove plastic bag.
6. Slowly remove tape to reveal your completed vase! If you want a more straight edge to your paint line (or even a scalloped decorative one), you can lightly scrap away the unwanted paint with an X-Acto knife. Similarly, if you’d like to write words on your vase, you can tape them off in step 2 and “fix” them after you’ve removed the tape in step 6. I didn’t “clean-up” the spray painted edge because it turned out to look like gold leaf.

TIP: I cut some Everbilt self adhesive pads and placed them on the bottom edges of each vase. (Three small pieces per vase.) Since the bottom of the vase is also painted, I didn’t want it rubbing off on whatever surface the vase was placed.

I like how the different angles create movement and depth across the three vases.


With little effort, you can make any old vase fit your decor. And if you really want to get crazy, you can spray paint some little pumpkins too– Happy painting!


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