It’s almost been a year since we’ve started this blog (in March 2014!) As it turns out, blogging takes a lot of time. But it’s strangely addicting. And since we plan on doing this for awhile longer, we figure we needed to set some goals for ourselves and let you know what perhaps you could be looking forward to. Including this sweet girl (at today’s random photoshoot.) Even with a 101 degree temperature, she still manages to be super sweet:

GiraffeCow HugDada

GOAL 1: Get more sleep. This sounds like more of a personal goal, but I promise you it is definitely a blog goal. I’m a pretty organized person. Borderline obsessive compulsive. My Mom recently bought me a pair of socks that read “You’re not obsessive. You’re compulsively awesome.” But being organized somehow doesn’t compute to knowing what I’ll be writing about until that night. Better planning on this will hopefully get me more shuteye. I’m going to be thirty this year (what?!) and I need more beauty sleep! What I’m trying to say is we are going to set more of a schedule. And hopefully you will notice more structure and pattern of things.


GOAL 2: Create new themes! We created many themes in 2014, such as:


Art Attack

Foodie Friday

Fab Freebie

Fun Finds

These categories help us stay on track and offers more variety to our five many readers. Some new themes in the works are Manly Mondays and Weekend Reading.

GOAL 3: More giveaways! We had one Fab Freebie in 2014, so this goal will be easy to beat. We love giving away quality stuff and hope that you’ll play along with our Fab Freebies.

GOAL 4: 178 posts?! Er what? I mentioned this last week (probably because I was sleep deprived and optimistic delusional). Truth is, this probably won’t happen. Instead of a number that will ultimately stress me out, we just want to keep posting fun, relevant, hopefully helpful content that inspires others, connects us to new and old friends, and reminds us of this awesome time in our lives. Because life sure is sweet.

GOAL 5: Change our domain name. We came up with “After the Kids go to Bed” because that’s when we blog together… After the Kids go to Bed. But it’s long and difficult to explain to others. Some have even said it sounds “risque.” What?! Get your mind out of the gutter! Sheesh! But we heard you loud and clear and we seriously do value your input. So we’re going a different direction. After two solid months of domain availability searches via GoDaddy, we landed on our new name! And we can’t wait to reveal it to you on Wednesday’s post!

Until then, let us know what you’d like to see more of and we’ll try to make your dreams come true.

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