Don’t be fooled: I do NOT have a make-from-scratch pancake recipe that is healthy. If you have one to share, please send our way! But I do have some sneaky tricks up my sleeve when it comes to adding some nutritious ingredients to a pancake mix. Let’s call them “Harry Houdini Hot Cakes.” Did you know Houdini’s first name was “Harry?” I didn’t. Ok, back to the tasty stuff… Mya loves pancakes. What kid doesn’t, right? But they just seemed like empty calories and I didn’t want to feed them to Mya regularly without altering them a bit.

Don’t mind the pancake cheeks…



Store-bought Pancake Mix + whatever else box calls for: egg, oil, milk, etc. (Or if you’re super Mom, you can make them from scratch. But who has time for that in the morning?! I like to buy the Gluten Free mixes because– for whatever reason– they just seem lighter and settle better in the tummy. I’ve bought Maple Grove Farms Gluten Free and Log Cabin All Natural.)
Ground Flaxseed
Chia Seed
Hemp Hearts
Cooked Quinoa (We make this the night before and use the leftovers for morning pancakes.)
Fresh Fruit (Mya eats plenty of fruit otherwise, so we don’t usually add this in. But throwing some blueberries into the batter is always a winning move.)


1. Make your pancake mixture in bowl. Stir it up.
2. For every 1 Cup Pancaka Mix, use 1 Tbsp Ground Flaxseed, 1 Tbsp Chia Seed, 1 Tbsp Hemp Hearts, 1/4 Cup Cooked Quinoa. Add the fruit, if desired. Stir it up.
NOTE: Since adding the additional dry ingredients makes the pancakes more dense, add some milk and a bit more oil to bring the mixture closer to its original viscosity.
3. Griddle up your pancakes.
4. Serve with honey instead of syrup. (Truth be told: Derek and I use syrup– Log Cabin No High Fructose Corn Syrup Lite Syrup, to be exact. But we serve Mya’s with Cooper’s Pure Honey. Local honey is the best.)

You gonna finish that?


Are we done with the pancake pics yet?


Nope. Cheers.


And yes, I need to learn how to use and focus a DSLR camera. Sounds like a new post for another day! Happy and healthy eating. Have a great weekend!

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