You know you’re old when you google “storage bins” and get excited by the results. I love me some sexy storage baskets, but I have some pretty specific requirements: they have to be soft, sturdy, cost efficient, and not smell bad. Have you ever smelled some wicker baskets? No thank you. Since we mainly use these in our living room to hide little play things, I also look for bins that have some adult sophistication. Just because they’re filled with whoopie cushions, nerf darts, dollies, and harmonicas… the baskets can create the facade that we still possess some savvy style.


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I’ve found some great baskets at Home Goods and TJMaxx. Don’t limit yourself to just browsing the living room storage section. Venture on over to the bathroom aisle. You might just find a laundry hamper or trash can that will fit the bill.

Some of my above faves [2 + 7 + 8] are DIY projects. In December, I attempted to make a little rope and yarn basket of my own. It turned out okay, but I think I can do better.


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