The love shack is a little old place where we can get together… with graham crackers and candy… and consequently little sticky fingers.


We had a pretty rad time making our gingerbread house during the holidays, so why not spread the love for Valentines’ Day, am-I-right?! With the help of some frosting, I made the graham cracker architectural masterpiece the night before. (You can hold the applause.) It hardened overnight on the counter and then Mya and Derek had their fun the next day! 


Mya’s favorite was the mini “baby” M&M’s. I didn’t even let her eat the candy hearts because I’ve always thought they tasted like chalk… so nasty. I only let her hold them. I know, I’m such a fun-sucker!


We had to tell her to “slow up” on the candy consumption or she would puke. So, she dramatized it a bit for your viewing pleasure.

My favorite part of the whole love-shack-making was the Dada/Daughter love. I mean, could these two be any more adorable?!


How are you celebrating Valentines’ Day? Mya picked out a pretty perfect gift for Dada that I can’t wait to give to him! Whatever you’re doing, we hope you feel the love that day and always.

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