I’ve officially thrown in the towel to getting our holiday cards out by the New Year. Boy, does it take some stress out of the December madness! Last year, we started sending out our cards around Valentines’ Day. One of our first posts was about how to make your card on the cheap using PowerPoint. This year, I used InDesign (that I’ve had a student version since college and I absolutely love using!) But since I doubt most households have that program, I thought we’d just talk fonts. Yeah, you read that right. Fonts.


The words “LOVE” and “LAUGHTER” is a font called “Chevalier Becker Open Discaps”; and the rest of the text is a font called “Architects Daughter.” But wait! There’s more! 

Whenever I’m flipping through a magazine, I admire good layouts, how the words compliment pictures, and the balance created across the pages. But if I find a sweet font, it drives me nuts that I don’t know what it is! Then Derek told me about WhatTheFont and GoogleFonts.

WhatTheFont allows you to submit an image to find the closest match in their database. It’s also available as an app, but we found the online version to be more user friendly. We submitted “the MAD creative” text to see how accurate the results would be. The actual font used for “the MAD creative” logo is “Monaco”, but WhatTheFont’s results were pretty similar.


GoogleFonts allows you to search a seemingly endless database of fonts to find one that works for you. We used this to find the “Architects Daughter” font for our card.

Now you can finally relax while reading magazines. You’re welcome.

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