For the past two years, we’ve been hitting up “Chick Days” at Orscheln Farm and Home with Mya. My Dad used to take me when I was a kid, so it feels pretty natural to walk in the farm supply and ask to hold the chickens. Orscheln has their Chick Days right around St. Patrick’s Day– or at least that’s how I remember when to go. They also have some fluffy bunnies. I mean, could life get any sweeter?!


Mya went a few weeks earlier with NanaPapa. I think she had a good time.



And then we persuaded her to go again with us. It didn’t take much convincing.


 An Orscheln sales associate told us that a farm nearby had the bird flu a few weeks ago and they had to quarantine the area. But we lucked out and they had just received a shipment of lots of chicks. Orscheln usually has hand sanitizer available, but having some in your purse is never a bad idea.


“Mama, look at meeee! Ima chicken!”

MyaHeadI swear she likes my kisses. The wincing is just an act.


I couldn’t find a picture of Mya holding the chicks from last year, but I found one from the Orscheln trip. And it’s pretty epic. She already appreciates quality lawn equipment. That’s my girl!


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    Great nana
    March 27, 2015 at 1:02 PM

    What a cute little chick Mya makes.

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