It seems like I interact with way more strangers as a stay-at-home Mom. Is that because a common ice breaker is Mya waving from the cart, then immediately flashing a shy smirk? Or maybe because any adult convos are good convos, am-i-right?! One of my recent run-ins was with Kristi, a stay-at-home Mama that has a little sewing business called “The Kid Stitch.” Her company is all about giving back and she pays it forward in many ways. But today I want to help promote “Henry’s Haul.” And all it takes is throwing some Hot Wheels in your cart the next time you’re at Target.


What is “Henry’s Haul”? Henry passed away from Leukemia in February 2014. He was just 2 years old. Henry’s family started “Henry’s Haul” in 2013 during one of his stays at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Because kids just want to be kids– even when they’re sick. Most kids can play, even if they’re confined to their room or a bed. A simple car can add that smile to their face and make their day a little better.

How to donate? There are two options:
1. Donate new hot wheels cars. (For drop-off locations, reference here.)
2. Donate money and Henry’s Haul will purchase the cars for you. (You can donate via PayPal here.)

So Derek took Mya shopping. It was a good lesson of “these aren’t for you” and she had fun picking some out for a boy named Henry.



There are many ways to pay-it-forward. But this one really hit me as special after meeting Kristi. She is a gal with a big heart and I’m so happy to help spread some of her love. Now let’s give some kids some cars!

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