Help me out here. How do you explain Easter to a toddler… or anyone for that matter? “Jesus became an angel and then came back to Earth as a large creepy rabbit who hides eggs?” Something’s not adding up. But who can complain about a holiday of spring colors, fluffy bunnies, and family time? Not me. I’ll just go along with it like everyone else. And that seems to have been Mya’s mentality with the Easter bunny mall pic. She humored us… after given the incentive of chocolate milk.


Because after looking at her pic from last year, we figured we needed some bribery. And in her defense, those rabbit suits are super weird. Hence why I cropped out their giant heads. No one needs to see that.


We couldn’t forget the traditional Dada-Daughter pic under the Disney store arch.


And just a cute sleepy babe with bunny for her first Easter.


We’re celebrating Italian-style this year. Complete with Great Nana’s spaghetti and meatballs, Italian Easter bread, and the best of all… family. Wishing you a blessed Easter from our family to yours!

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