Well hello there! Nevermind our ridiculously long blogging hiatus. I’d like to say we have a good excuse for that, but the truth is that I chose to sleep instead. I think my body was shutting down after staying up one too many nights. Aaaaaand… if you follow us on Instagram, you already know we’re having another baby (due in December), so it was time for some rest… and spaghetti. Lots of spaghetti. Here are some highlights from the past couple months.


Mothers’ Day
Derek helped Mya make me the cutest gift with her fingerprints. Super simple and cute and something I will cherish forever.


Memorial Day
Following the tradition of the last two years, we headed over to Kiewit to snap some pics. And this year, Mya discovered a bike rack. Which was obviously meant to be a jungle gym.



Dallas Trip
I went on a solo trip to Dallas to visit friends. It was the first time I was away from Mya for three nights. Ha. Ridiculous, right?! And guess what… she survived just fine without me! It was a much needed trip for all. Derek got some special one-on-one time with his favorite little lady and I indulged in friends, sleeping in past 6:00 AM, and froyo.



Fathers’ Day
We made the super formal announcement of baby #2 on Dads’ Day via social media. So some of you have already seen the below picture, but I’m not sorry because it is one of my all-time faves. It sums up my little fam perfectly: Mya being a spaz and Derek taking whatever she dishes out with a smile on his face.


4th of July
Mya helped decorate her little fire truck for our annual neighborhood 4th of July parade. And we made it just in time for the usual “photo in front of the fire truck“.



Disney World
We went to Disney World! And it was amazing. I wasn’t sure how much Mya would get from the experience since she’s so young, but everything was magical to her. It was so awesome to see it through her eyes. I definitely learned a lot about planning for a Disney trip… and even more about traveling with a toddler! The ups and downs were seriously comical.



30th birthday
I’m 30– what?! I can remember when my Mom turned 30! She had a bunch of gal pals over to play bunko and spend-the-night; and my Dad took me and my brother to a Courtyard Inn where we played in the pool and had pizza for dinner. The next morning, we grabbed a Burger King breakfast and showed up back at the house entirely too early– I’m sure much to my Mom’s dismay!

I got to spend my 30th with my two favorite girls during the day. Followed by a full belly of Derek’s manicotti and much birthday serenading.


That pretty much catches you guys up to today. Over the past couple months I have been writing posts in my head and doing little projects around the house. The baby bump is out in full force. Since we’ve hit the 20 week mark, my energy is rising, the migraines are gone, my shorts don’t fit, and hamburgers are a must. We have been doing something fun to document the pregnancy bump and we’ll share that this weekend! Happy Friday, everyone!

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