You know how people put pink or blue balloons in a box as a gender reveal? I totally wanted to do this for Mya because what kid doesn’t like balloons, right?! But when we found out the gender, we knew pink balloons just wouldn’t do it for her…. because they weren’t blue (still her favorite color!) And anything that isn’t blue just wouldn’t be acceptable to our decisive girl. So instead, we just talked about how the baby in Mama’s belly is a girl and this is how the conversation went:


(Yes, that’s pollen all over Mya’s face.)

Me: We found out the baby in my belly is a girl!
Mya: No, it’s a boy.
Me: No, sweetie. It’s a girl and you’re going to have a sister like Elsa and Anna! (That’s me bringing out the big guns!)
Mya: We’ll just wait and see.
Me: No, honey girl. It’s a baby girl. Like Baby Margaret! (From PBS’s Daniel Tiger.)
Mya: We’ll see, Mama. We’ll see.

So that went as well as expected!

Did Derek have a gender preference? Of course not. Just like everything else, he keeps me grounded with thoughts such as, “I hope for a healthy, happy baby.” Did I have a gender preference? Yes. It might sound bad, but I did. All my thoughts were on having a boy. Mainly because I have a younger brother and growing up with him was pretty good. And maybe because all Mya cared to talk about was a “boy in Mama’s belly.” So when the OBGYN called me while I was driving Mya to gymnastics, I was somehow dumbfounded with the verdict. I wouldn’t say I was “disappointed,” but– for whatever reason– I was “confused.” Like “how is this possible?!” Sounds silly, I know. But that’s how I felt.

After gymnastics, and during Mya’s nap, Derek came home for lunch and I cried. I worried that all three of us girls’ cycles would someday sync and we would drive Derek to crazy! I thought “this isn’t part of my plan”… even though we had a perfectly healthy baby! I felt shallow and ashamed for my thoughts, but Derek calmly talked some sense into me.

Since that day, I can honestly say that those feelings are completely gone and I canNOT wait to see what two little girls will bring. I realize how incredibly blessed we are to already have a healthy little human… and to have another one on the way is undoubtedly another miracle. Mya’s forgotten that she initially, adamantly wanted a little brother and has totally embraced the girl thing. She’s helping fill the nursery with her old baby toys and– even though it’s far from complete– she likes showing off the baby room to anyone that comes over. Here’s some progress that we have made:

Mya chose to swap her pink dresser for the turquoise one that we had in the baby room. Why? Because the color turquoise is closer to the color blue. (Sometimes a toddler can be completely logical!) So the fuschia dresser is now in the baby room. Don’t you worry– we’ll be painting the baby room a new color!


We moved the crib into the baby room. This means Mya is now in a big girl bed! What?! More on how that has gone in a later post, but SO glad we made that transition months before the baby is due!


I made a rug for the nursery out of old t-shirts. And I can’t wait to share the how-to on Friday!


Hope everyone’s having a great week! Much love from our family to yours. 🙂

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    August 26, 2015 at 9:08 PM

    Congratulations!!! How exciting!!!

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      August 27, 2015 at 1:03 PM

      Thanks, Carol! We are definitely excited! 🙂

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