One fun event that we attended this year was the Brookside Art Fair. We blew through it because Mya was taking more interest in the dogs and babies (just like last year), but we nailed down some of our faves to share with you.


Kirk Miller is a retired high school science teacher of 27 years turned glass artist. When I walked in his booth, I was immediately calmed and relaxed. His refined color pallet of blues and his use of soft light fixtures to highlight his pieces is truly beautiful.


Ynon Mabat uses mixed media and photography to showcase landscapes and architectural pieces.


Blake Street Glass is a glassblowing studio in Denver, CO. Their process of layering and cutting each piece is so refined and architectural. Delicate yet masculine, every sculpture is beyond unique. We didn’t let Mya walk within 5 feet of this booth!


Insectworks are created from illustration ink and acrylic paint on high quality art paper. They look like real bugs. Totally fooled me. Each work is incredibly realistic, yet the fact that “no insects were harmed in the making of the artwork,” is a cool aspect. Except I’d be okay if spiders were harmed. Me no likey the spideys.


David Mayhew is a severe weather photographer based in Colorado. He joins storm chasers across tornado alley each year in search of the perfect storm. Crazy, but breathtaking.

So there you have it. Our top 5 of this year’s Brookside Art Fair. Be sure to check out the artists’ event schedules from their website links above. They might just be coming to an area near you! I left the show feeling inspired and hopeful that someday I can take my artwork to a local show. Maybe within the next couple years. That is, if I stop starting little craft projects every other night! We’ll bring you something else creative later this week. Stay tuned!

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