IRON-ON is the BOMB[dot]COM

Am I the last gal to ride the iron-on train? I had no idea these babies were so cool. So when I walked through Hobby Lobby’s entire aisle of iron-on transfers, I was suddenly intrigued. We were told to bring a tote to preschool because it’s super easy for the kids to slide their art projects into at the end of the day. Mya grabbed a denim blue tote and then some iron-ons to jazz it up.


I had not-so-secretly wanted a bedazzler for quite some time. But alas, I’m 30 and didn’t really have a good excuse to buy one for myself. And that’s how Mya makes all my dreams come true. She had already picked out the most sparkly items in the aisle… only to squeal with more excitement when I told her what a bedazzler was. She was sold. After using a 40% off coupon for one item (which you can redeem from Hobby Lobby’s website— just click the “get coupon” button on the top of the page), we nabbed all supplies for $11. And even though I obviously was the one using the iron, Mya placed everything and did the bedazzler herself.


But she might have been tired of me taking so many pictures for her first day of preschool


I finally learned that the ease of iron-ons is the answer to the no-sew movement. And since I’ve also learned that you need to label everything that you send to preschool, these iron-on name tags are being delivered to our house next week! $9 for 80 clothing labels? Yeah. I can do that. So go ahead. Get out that iron and dust it off. Not for ironing clothes. That would just be silly.


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    Great nana
    September 14, 2015 at 11:39 AM

    That’s one awesome tote bag Mya. How about making one for Gr. Nana.

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