What?! Only 3 months to go! Eek! The baby room needs to be painted, many tubs of Mya’s old clothes need to be organized, and artwork needs to be made and arranged on the walls. First world problems, I know. “Luckily,” Mya’s keeping me busy with her newfound sporadic nap schedule, so there hasn’t been much time to worry about what’s not getting accomplished. ie sometimes Mya’s “legs forget how to walk” and getting her to scale up and down the stairs by herself is the only daily victory this Mama needs!


26 WEEKS | (length of) SCALLION
Food cravings: Greek salad. Shatto whole chocolate milk.
Symptoms: Totally jinxed myself with my 22 week exclamation of feeling “invincible”! I had bronchitis for 2 weeks until I got on an antibiotic. Still feeling rundown, but this blessing of pregnancy is worth every discomfort.
Milestones: Baby girl kicks constantly! They’re not fluid movements (like when Mya was in my belly), but they are rapid, repetitive kicks in all directions. Derek says that means the baby will be a spaz… just like her Mama. Mya loves talking to her baby sister by pressing her entire face into my belly and doing silly voices.
Photo shoot fun: Mya wanted to eat the skinny baby onion, so we suggested to smell test it first.


It didn’t pass the test. But these two pass for cutest Dada Daughter Duo everyday in my book.


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    September 29, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    Just sit back and put your feet up Ashley. Get use to your new “normal” because once baby girl comes.. you won’t get much done at all. 😉

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      September 29, 2015 at 5:57 PM

      That’s not my nature, Carol! But I’m sure you’re right… we won’t be getting much accomplished after baby. I’m ok with that… for a couple months. 😉

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