I totally get it. You cherish every little momento that your child makes. Every marker drawing, sticker creation, used bandaid. Wait. What. No, I haven’t done that. That would be weird. (Awkward silence.) But I’ve come to realize that I cannot save everything. Some of her pieces we send in the mail to family, her favorites make it to the fridge, but– dare I admit it?!– I’ve started throwing some stuff away! Recently, though, I found a way to collage some of her similar doodles and I adore how it turned out.


As a side note (and a completely obvious statement to anyone that knows me), I am somewhat of a control freak. It’s a condition that I have already (for better or worse) passed down to my daughter. I like things neat and clean and just so. And Mya already has this same mentality. BUT when it comes to art and making things, I want most of my “rules” to disappear. I want her to cover her hands in paint and her legs in chalk dust. It just seems like the right thing to do. I, of course, take the necessary precautions of a drop cloth and throwing an old shirt on her when painting, but I feel like there shouldn’t be many limitations. It’s a time when a kid should be completely free and let their little mind tell her what to do within that moment. And oh how I love watching my girl in those moments.


A month or so ago, Mya used marker and then watercolor to make a slew of whimsical, swirly pieces that I immediately fell in love with. So bright and fun. I couldn’t just let them sit in the stack of her saved drawings. I wanted to get them up on the wall. So I took an already-owned frame, cut them down to how I wanted them arranged and mounted them on black paper. Easy, right?!



One of my favorite aspects about these are her little finger prints that she did with a blue ink pad. You can see them in the pictures above and below.



As for her many other little masterpieces, I have them in a pile on the counter waiting to be added to a scrapbook or some kind of gallery wall. And while searching for various ideas online, I’ve come to find that I’m certainly not the only Mama that has been overloaded (in the best way) with little kid creations. The challenge being: finding a way to cherish and preserve all of these little things without renting out a storage unit.



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