Let’s talk about side light blinds. But before you fall asleep promptly after reading that first sentence, let me assure you that it’s somehow going to be worth your time. And no, we are not the first people to install binds on side light windows; but we found a great, inexpensive product and I just feel morally obligated to share. Like I won’t be able to sleep tonight if you don’t obtain this valuable knowledge from me. So here it goes… I have been wanting some kind of privacy on our front entry side windows for. ev. er. I appreciate the light these two windows provide because they’re our only south-facing ones on the first floor, but we didn’t like that anyone could so easily see in to our house at night. Here they are with blinds installed… so gorgeous nice and practical.


Before we chose blinds, there were a couple options to creating the desired privacy and also allowing light in during the day:

1. Frosted window film. I don’t mind the look of this, but I still wanted the option to look outside since we had no other south-facing windows. The frosted sticker created two-way privacy, so this wasn’t the right product for us.

2. Mirrored window film. This would allow privacy from the outside, while still allowing us a view from inside. We actually bought this, but when we brought it home and took it out of the package, I was too afraid our front windows would look like a pimped out Dodge neon with a huge spoiler. Then we returned it.

3. Blinds. Some friends told us their side window blinds were $100 each, so we had nixed the notion of completing this home improvement project for awhile. BUT THEN Derek found these guys at Lowe’s for $30 (for the pair!) and made me one happy gal. Our friends’ blinds are most likely real wood and ours are not, but they still look so good!


boxInstallation was super easy (so Derek says) and they make all the difference, giving our front entry a much more finished look!


And just because I desire a new, softer, yet durable rug by the front door, here is an even fresher mock-up. Found it here, but we’ll probably make our old rug last us a bit longer.


Sorry, back to the blinds– the homemaker/ designer in me just got off track for a second! Derek said the blind height is adjustable by removing panels during installation. And the blinds are secured on the bottom, so when you’re opening and closing the door, they do not move or clank against the windows. And they look good from outside too. Yea for fall colors and pumpkins and mums!


So the blinds are great and all, but I’m waaaaaay more excited to point out these planters. Derek made them out of scrap 2x4s! They’ve been sitting in our garage for two weeks waiting for me to stain them. Once I decide on the color, you will be getting a post. Until then, we have some Halloween fun comin’ atcha.


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