Halloween ended up being one of the longest days of Derek’s and my parenting lives. For Mya, she was pretty manic… refusing to nap with an extra sass factor. Granted, we did drag her to a furniture store in the morning… and the excess number of dum dum suckers didn’t help the situation; but let’s just say we’re glad our pictures to document the day tell a different story. Earlier in the week, we copied our kitty selfie shoot from last year, which accurately captures Mya’s constantly expressive nature. Middle row, left. I mean, really?!


Her costume? Ever since we asked Mya months ago what she wanted to be for Halloween (and when she grew up), she responded with “A tiger! ROOOAAAR!!!!” There was no waivering on her decision, which made it super easy. Except I don’t really sew clothes. Womp womp. But the mother-in-law came to the rescue with this little number and I was in love! She even made Mya a tutu, which just topped it off and totally added to Mya’s fun factor. I can’t thank her enough!


Consequently, Mya also chose what Derek and I were going to dress up as for the occasion. No one could probably tell what we were since we threw our “costumes” together in five minutes before racing out the door to trick-or-treat; but Mya was smitten, so that’s all that mattered, right? Derek was an apple tree and I was a kitty… and the baby bump was a lady bug. I thought a fish in the kitty’s belly made more sense, but Mya was adamant about the lady bug.


The main reason Mya wanted Derek to be an apple tree? So the tiger could climb all over him. Touche, Mya. Touche.



So even though part of the day was a hot mess, I will remember the good stuff– like Mya trying hot apple cider for the first time. She was an immediate fan with her standard seal of approval:


And I’ll also always look back to the last three years of cuteness. Because as Target and every other store has moved on to Christmas decorations, I’m not ready to admit that we’re 49 days away from that fact. Partly because I like the fall leaves and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday… but mainly because that means I need to strap on the maternity belt, get out on the town and wrap-up the holiday shopping!


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    Great nana
    November 5, 2015 at 4:16 PM

    Cutest little tiger in town.

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