Trying something new here. Since I feel like my mind is always in ten different places at once– we’ll call it an “organized mess” if you will, I thought we’d start a series called “weekly randoms.” This is when I’ll share things not so much worthy of a whole post, but maybe odds and ends that we find and just everyday happenings. There are really no boundaries, so buckle your seat belts, people… it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Zillow Digs
If you are into interior design, this is a pretty cool app. I have always liked browsing the Zillow real estate app because it’s always fun to see what’s on the market (no, we don’t want to move anytime soon!), and now Zillow Digs came into my life and made my nights a whole lot less productive! It’s kind of like pinterest, but with just indoor and outdoor spaces. It is super descriptive as you can customize searches and calls out specific paint colors, prices on furniture and finishes… it’s basically awesome. So you should check it out.


Baby Room
If baby girl #2 came tomorrow, she would have a comfy place to sleep. That’s why everyone finds out the gender before birth, right?…. to decorate for baby ahead of time? Well, that was my main reason anyway! Oh what fun it’s been to use a bunch of our existing things to create a colorful, inviting place for our little babes. Here’s a sneak peak!


Osmo Creative
We just got this in the mail and are beyond excited about it. We’re teaming up with Osmo to showcase their awesomely interactive, creative products for kids and will let you know all about it in the next couple weeks. Derek and I might be playing with it even more than Mya!


Mya’s 3rd Birthday Party
We had her blue birthday bash at our house last weekend and it was a success. As in we survived having 40+ people over! It was a beautiful day (almost 70 degrees in the middle of November!), so we were able to be paint in the garage and enjoy the outdoors too. Mya was definitely in her element on her day to shine– giving guests the tour of the baby room, opening (way too many) presents, and hamming it up for all the cameras. Can’t wait to share the pics on Monday!


Happy almost Friday, everybody! Have a great weekend!

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