We hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and it’s carrying over to the long weekend! We definitely did as it was filled with family… and lots and lots of food. Totally my favorite holiday. Mainly because of the family, but also because of the food. Seriously, someone tell me why stuffing isn’t a regular side dish throughout the year. We should change that. It’s probably a stress-free holiday for me, though, because I never have to do anything. My Mom still cooks everything– turkey legs, turkey pot pies, stuffing, tequila infused cranberries (strangely tasty), mashed potatoes, gravy, corn casserole… the whole shebang. From scratch. Yes, she’s insane. And even though we had the camera out for a good portion of the day… somehow this is the only picture of us three that we captured yesterday. Thankful that she slept one hour between the family gatherings!


New Couch
We got a couch in the office this week and even though it takes up most of the room, I love the new lounge spot! We found it at the Furniture Mall of Kansas and are so happy with it… especially landing it for 20% off! The sales people were super nice and they have a huge selection (at least in the Olathe location– we haven’t been to Topeka’s). You should definitely check them out if  you’re in the market for some furniture. This room still hasn’t fully evolved as the decor is lacking, but we are loving reading… and napping on the new setup. (Don’t worry, I didn’t let her lay like that for long. Crazy girl!)


Girls’ Night Out
Last weekend, I got to surprise my Mama with a night out-on-the-town. She drove to KC thinking she’d have another sleepover with Mya at our house, but I snuck her overnight bag in the car and stole her away during Mya’s nap. We hit Halls for some makeovers and caesar salads at their in-store cafe– yum! Then off to dinner and shopping on the Plaza where I discovered Sur la Table. How have I not heard of this store before?! It totally made me want to be a better cook, so I can justify buying more kitchen gadgets. Like I don’t even know how to use a pressure oven, but when the saleslady said it can cook a 14 lb turkey in 1 hour, I thought to myself… “Hey, maybe I could do Thanksgiving at our house someday!” (Click the image below if you wanna check out their sale through this weekend.)


We wrapped up the night with a hotel movie– “The Intern.” And even though I get to see my Mom often, it was SO nice to have some quality time, just us two… and not have to be on a schedule. Thank you for the night out, Derek!


Christmas is up!
Derek let Mya and I jump the gun before Thanksgiving on Monday night and get it all out. Though, it didn’t take much convincing for him this year because of Mya’s excitement. The bottom of the tree was a bit ornament heavy as that was her domain, but her “more Christmas! more Christmas!” requests demands throughout the night (coupled with some John Legend holiday tunes) made for a nice little evening.


As for the holiday shopping… we probably missed some pretty good sales, but we forgoed black friday and stayed in our pajamas all day. It. Was. Awesome. Did you get out and brave the crowds? What is on your family’s wish list this holiday season? Mya wants a candy cane and a hummingbird feeder.

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