This week’s randoms consist our little library, a super easy DIY, jolly ol’ St. Nick, pasta salad, and orangutan mom tits. Yeah. You read that right. I’m sure you’re quickly learning that you’ll never know what you’ll find here. And that Derek is a saint for living with my complete ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Little Library
A couple months ago, a family built a Little Free Library for our neighborhood. And I totally underestimated how much Mya would love this. Even in the colder weather, she wants to bundle up and trek down the hill with her baby stroller or bike to swap out books. Thank you, Sarah, Jeff, and Lilly for this awesome addition to our community!


Easy DIY: Kid Door Initials
Our small upstairs hallway is pretty plain. It consists of one painting and seven doors. When we first moved in, it reminded me of those annoying room of mirrors where you can’t find your way out… Except I’ve never gotten lost in the house and they’re doors instead of mirrors. Anyway, my point is that the hall is monotonous and it needed something cutesy. So I picked up two letters (the girls’ first initials) at Target for $3 each, stained the front, sanded the sides where the stain bled over, and slapped ’em on the doors with some trusty command strips.

wooden letter(s)
sand paper
command strips


When I found out the mall Santa cost a minimum of $35 to see this year, I was a bit skeptical of the awesomeness. Buuuut, it turned out to be a whole experience that Mya loved. It has a Christmas Shrek-theme throughout, where you ride Santa’s sleigh, design a gingerbread cookie via ipads, and have a  private visit with Santa in his study. Mya is still stuck on a “big pink bunny” as Santa’s delivery. And thanks to one of our readers, she cracked the code that Mya saw a cardboard cutout of the Energizer bunny at Home Depot– thank you, April! Mya might be getting one of these instead, so hopefully that will satisfy her pink bunny craze!


Roasted Garlic Pasta Salad
This is a new recipe that I tried this week. It takes few ingredients and if you are a big fan of garlic, you will like it. I subbed half of the ricotta for cottage cheese. I wasn’t sure if it would be better as a cold or warm pasta salad. Warm was definitely the winner!


My Current Mood
Many people have asked how I’ve been feeling lately… since we’re just 19 days away from our Christmas Eve baby. And most of the time, I feel pretty great. However, when you google “orangutan mom tits,” you get the below image. And it pretty much visually describes how I feel past 7 PM.


So, on that graphic note, I hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

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