Mya and I love getting snail mail during the week. And since the holiday cards are already starting to come in, it has added even more excitement to her Christmas spirit. It’s also making me realize that some people seriously have their acts together if they’re sending out their holiday cards by early December. That is certainly not the case with us! I gave up on that a long time ago. And we send ours out for Valentines’ Day. Because it takes me that much longer… two more months. Womp womp. But I did want to somehow display everyone else’s cards; and with some already-owned supplies, it was super easy.


tinsel garland
wire wreath frame
clothes pins
Command hook


1. Wrap your garland around the wire wreath form. Secure it by tying a knot with each end to the wire.
2. Hang with a command hook (or nail) to the wall.
3. Clip your cards to your festive wreath using the clothes pins.

So yeah, it basically takes you ten minutes and you’re done. You could use any wreath you have with the help of some clothes pins. And obviously the bigger the wreath, the more cards you’ll be able to fit. Looking forward to filling this baby up with more and more cards each week!



One thing that I did buy a couple months ago to make the holiday card process a bit less daunting was this address stamp. After buying your kit, you pick the design online, and they send it to you in the mail! And you might make me feel a little better if you tell me that you haven’t sent your cards out yet. I seriously won’t be mad if I get yours mid January… or even Valentines’ Day.  ;P


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