I totally felt like a goober last year when some neighbors came by to drop off cookies for the holidays and I had nothing in return. I know they didn’t expect anything because that’s not what the holidays are all about, but how great would’ve it been to say “Oh! Hold on just a minute! We have something for you too!” Basically, I’m trying to redeem myself from last year… with some tiny clay pots, paint, and candy. And these cute little guys were so easy to make and super economical.


4″ clay pots
paint (Santa = black, red, white; Rudolph = black, white, red; Snowman = white, orange)
black sharpie marker (for Snowman and Rudolph)
paint brushes
small plastic treat bags
twist ties
tissue paper

(I bought the clay pots at the hardware store awhile ago, but since it’s not gardening season, you might have better luck at the hobby store.)

1. Paint your pots. For Santa, I used black, red, and white paint. For Rudolph, I used black, white and red paint; and black sharpie for the eyes. For Frosty, I used black, white, and orange paint; and black sharpie for his eyes and coal mouth.

painting-ps2. Gather whatever goodies you want to include in your plastic gift bags. We chose Rolos, Peppermints, and Andes mints because we have a few neighbors that have nut allergies; and we just wanted to play it safe with everyone.

helper 3. Stuff each bag with candy and twist tie shut. You could also glam it up with some ribbon, but twist ties were what we had on-hand. Then place small square of tissue paper in pot before the bag of candy.

perspective4. And you’re done! We made quite a few (18) because we have a lot of nice neighbors! I didn’t want to get bored with making them, so that’s why I did three different designs and I like them all. Mya has requested that we keep one of each for ourselves. (Probably just because candy is involved.)




And now they’re all waiting by the front door to make our deliveries!


I think it would’ve been great to bake some homemade snickerdoodles instead of candy, but I didn’t know when I’d get them finished (or if I’d be in labor– ha!)… and to be honest, I didn’t really want to clean the kitchen. So yeah. Candy is easy. Anything to make the holiday season a little more relaxed, amiright?!

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    Great nana
    December 11, 2015 at 7:18 PM

    Girls those are adorable and looks like Mya was a big helper⛄️

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