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My least favorite part of any project is gathering all the supplies. Don’t get me wrong– I love the weekly outings to the hardware store, but if it takes me more than one store to gather all supplies needed, the project quickly loses its luster. So when I found out about Darby Smart, a company that offers hundreds of creative craft ideas and then delivers the supplies to your door?… I became a super fan! “Yes, I want to make that. No, I don’t want to drive to three stores to get supplies. Yes, I want it delivered to my door like a spoiled warrior princess.” Enter Darby Smart!


The only difficult part is narrowing down what project you want to do! There are so many options and you will spend a lot of time browsing their fun ideas.


But I ultimately chose this copper frame because I liked the potential industrial look of some shiny brass hanging on our wall.


So when the turquoise box arrived in the mail, it might as well have been from Tiffany’s because I squealed with excitement. Derek thought I saw a spider, but I explained the difference in my “I can’t wait to craft” squeal and my “Get your bum over here, I need you to kill this eight legged creature” squeal. They are totally not the same. Obviously.

openingMy project came neatly packaged and amply padded, with the smaller pieces sealed in baggies.


This cool pipe cutting tool was one of the main reasons why I chose this project. I didn’t end up using it (because I liked the size of the frame pieces), but I’m sure I’ll find use for it in later projects.


One thing that I used in addition to what was provided by Darby Smart was some GooGone to remove all barcode stickers from the pipes. I’m sure I could’ve done without, but it just made the job a little easier.


Directions were not included in the package, but it was pretty self explanatory. And you can find all directions to each project on their website. So truth be told: if you already have some (or all) of the supplies for any given project, you ultimately don’t even have to purchase anything and you can just view the tutorials online. And if you only need some of the supplies, simply pick and choose what items you need for each project instead of ordering the entire kit. Pretty awesome, right?



I used some self adhesive felt pads on the back corners, so the fame wouldn’t scratch the wall or slide around as easily. Probably not necessary, but we already had them.


You’re gonna have to wait and see what’s going within the copper frame because I haven’t made it yet. That’s another post for another day soon. So even though it looks kinda naked right now, I loved the process of creating with Darby Smart and how the finished product turned out.


We hung it above the stairs to the basement. And now it’s just waiting for me to finish phase 2.


Go get your craft on and head over to Darby Smart. I promise you will be inspired. They have something for everyone– projects for kids, stuff for him and her, and even the option to be surprised with a DIY box delivered to your door each month. Click on the image below to learn more about how you can give (or receive) the gift that keeps on giving… every month of the year!


Happy crafting!

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