Never before has the number 4 seemed so much larger than the number 3. Since Leah joined our family unit just over a month ago, I have learned that little projects (or heck– even just the laundry!) are more tedious tasks than ever before. I have never felt more victorious than when I drove in the car with both girls weeks ago by myself to run errands. Extremely exhausted, yet victorious. Today’s errands consisted of two Leah blowouts, Mya constantly needing “more snacks!”, me not being able to collapse a double stroller in the parking lot, two Leah feedings, and a mysterious something sticky all over Mya’s pants… all within an hour and a half. I might never leave the house again. And yet the number 4 has never seemed so beautiful.


Remember our Darby Smart craft the other month? We needed something to go within the copper frame and our new lucky number seemed just right. Normally this project would take you about 20 minutes to complete, but throw into the mix a 3 year old who wants to “help” with everything and a 1 month old who looooooves being held, and this lil’ craft took me a couple weeks. Inefficiency might just be the new norm.

metal house number (I got ours at Ace Hardware for around $5)
screws (the ones provided with metal house number will NOT work)
scrap wood
paint and paint brush
hanger hardware


1. Using template provided with metal house number, mark and drill out appropriate holes to attach number to wood.
2. Paint the plaque. I wanted high contrast, so a simple white made the black number 4 pop.
3. Attach your hanger hardware to back of wood. I also added some vinyl bumper pads on the back bottom corners of the wood so the plaque wouldn’t as easily shift on the wall. (See below top two images.)
4. Inset your screws using a larger drill bit so the screw heads are flush with back of plaque. (See below bottom two images.)


5. Attach your metal number with screws and you’re done!




Easy, right? You know what’s not easy? Bedtime. Someone please tell me why kids fight sleep so much. Because I love sleep. Sleep is awesome. I miss sleep. I need to go to sleep…

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    Great nana
    February 2, 2016 at 12:13 AM

    Wish I was their to give you a hand but you are awesome and seem to be handling 4 very well 😛❤️u

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