Oh hey there. I saw this “currently” idea on one of my favorite food blogs– Gimme Some Oven— and I thought I’d try it out. And since the whole “weekly randoms” has really just turned into “monthly randoms,” this will probably make more sense! So without further ado– I am currently…

Relieved that our yearly Valentines have been sent. Since I don’t ever get a Christmas card out before the end of the year, we have adopted the Valentines’ Day card as the new norm. But if you didn’t get one, please don’t feel slighted because we sent out a lot less than years’ past and… we love you!


Cracking up over Mya’s frequently asked question during dinner time: “Daddy, did you climb any ladders today?” We were so confused the first time she asked him this. But after going back and forth with her trying to figure out what she meant, it came down to an excerpt from the movie “Incredibles”: The wife tells her hubby to “keep climbing those corporate ladders” as he leaves for work and kisses him goodbye. Crack. me. up. This girl doesn’t miss a beat!


Breathing in baby. Leah’s smell is a cross between California Baby shampoo and warm milk. And I can’t get enough.


Excited for Derek’s new office location and work furniture! They got most all furnishings from Ikea and it’s lookin’ pretty swanky.


Hiding Mya’s big sister shirt (similar to this one) because she wants to wear it every. single. day.

Wearing red lipstick. It’s my way of feeling somewhat put-together. The rest of me might consist of lazy eyes, yoga pants, and a big ‘n baggy sweatshirt… but the lips? I’ve got those covered. #momlife

Eating this potato soup recipe. I added a can of corn, a head of broccoli, and a fourth cup of chicken stock; but other than that, I followed the recipe and it is darn delicious.

Grateful that Mya’s 102 temperature broke the other night. But praying that Leah’s little cough doesn’t turn into something worse. Here they are at the pediatrician earlier today…


Finding satisfaction in getting the little things done. Whether it be recording a couple sentences in my Mom journal, food prep for the next couple days, or showering without a 3 year old (gasp!), I am trying to be content knowing I’m doing the best that I can on very little juice. Unless we’re talking orange juice. I drink a lot of orange juice.


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    Pat Comino
    February 23, 2016 at 8:52 AM

    Love your blog. You are one busy mom but you are doing a great job. Mya and Leah are precious and glad to hear Derek is doing so well. ❤️ To U all.

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