Happy weekend! Thank all that is holy– it is the weekend! And this weather! Uh-mazing! Since we have given up any hopes of building a snowman this year, we’re ready for spring. Bring on the flower planting and mulching! Our threenager’s ready to dig up some worms! Currently…

Realizing Easter is just a few weeks away. Nothing says “Happy Easter” like a plastic bellybuttoned bedazzled bunny with a unibrow. Amiright?! Mya wanted to make another bunny like last year, but this time we picked up a plastic bunny form for $3 at Target. Glasses? Check. Jewelry? Check. Frog on head? Check.


Watching “The Lion Guard”. Mya has assigned each of us a character. Apparently I’m the bird with the obnoxious voice that micromomagers the pride lands our family. Derek’s the kind hearted Hippo. Leah’s the spunky honey badger– and we all now actually call her “Bunga.” And Mya’s, of course, the leader of the pack.


Counting down until my little brother Eric’s wedding– two weeks from today! He and his fiance, Jackie, made these memes with their engagement photos. Hilarious.


Admiring something new. So excited that Derek set up these white shelves in the office! The makeshift green particle boardones had to go. I still need to artfully style the shelves, but– for now– I’m just content knowing they’re less likely to collapse than what we had before!


Reading any and all Berenstain Bears books.

Eating black bean brownies. Surprisingly tasty. And turned out waaaaay better than a previously attempted avocado cookie recipe. Eeck!

Surviving. Some days Derek and I talk about just buying a Yukon and popping out a bunch more kids. But recently, most days we’re pretty lucky if we make it to bedtime without losing our minds. Leah’s just getting over a virus that Mya had; and let’s just say I hit a wall at 2:00 every day this week. Hello, 9:00 bedtime for Mama!

Driving aimlessly around town. Last Sunday, Derek and I wanted a “break” to sit and talk. We loaded up the girls and drove around for an hour and a half so the girls would sleep at the same time. The $3 in gas was the best thing we bought all week.

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to share one of Mya’s recent creations on Monday!

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    March 5, 2016 at 11:09 PM

    We also are into the Lion Guard. I’ll have to pay closer attention to the characters you are assigned to. 😊 This post reminds me of when Arden and Austin were young. We drove many gravel roads trying to get them to sleep. The days are long but the years are short. Love you all!

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      March 6, 2016 at 9:05 PM

      So true. Some days I count the hours until bedtime, but then once they’re asleep… I find myself looking at their pictures and missing them. #momlife

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