We went to the mall Easter bunny today. Mya thinks that since you sit on the bunny’s lap like Santa, you need to tell him what you want for Easter. And she wants a nightstand. Oh how I love my practical girl. Derek and I each have a nightstand with a drawer and that’s what she wants because she “needs something to set things on and put thing in by [her] own bed.” She also prefers it to be dark blue with sparkles. Duly noted, Mya.

But since I’m guessing most other kids aren’t asking for a bedside table, I thought I’d throw together some fun kid gifts in case you wanted to add some last minute pizzaz to their baskets.


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  1. Any Jellycat stuffed animal will do. These babies are the softest and cutest.
  2. We already use our boogie board for practicing our letters, but this new trace version might need to be one of our next purchases.
  3. Avoid the candy and give this crayon necklace.
  4. These chalk sticks made to look like sharpie markers tug at my artistic heart.
  5. I love Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”– it always reminds me of my Grandpa. So I might have teared up when it was read at storytime, convincing me that we needed to buy it right then and there. Well played, toy store, well played.
  6. We probably have enough soft and small lap blankets, but one more could never hurt, right? This one caught my eye while drooling strolling through Pottery Barn Kids.
  7. This birdie whistle is one my favorite baby gifts to give. And I’m convinced it’s what taught Mya how to blow bubbles under water and blow out candles.
  8. A family friend got these for Mya when she was a newborn and the black and white illustrations are so whimsical and creative. You could easily frame and hang them for a sweet kid room gallery wall.
  9. These “angel cards” win the most random and unique gift of the 9. Each card features a different word– such as “wisdom,” “grace,” “clarity,” “kindness.” Mya likes to give each of us one and then we talk about each word, as we learn and understand its meaning. A fun way to learn and pray together.

I’m super excited because Derek’s planning Mya’s first scavenger hunt for Easter Sunday. It may just lead her to a desired piece of furniture.

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