Making a “Mya Spy” (I Spy) book. The plan is to take pictures with Mya of all her favorite things and then create a book on Shutterfly. We still have more to do, but we’ve had fun going around the house and setting up scenes. Although, Mya’s basically given me a deadline of having all the pictures taken by the end of the week. Glad we know who the boss is nowadays.


Celebrating 6 years with my man. We went out for lunch with the whole fam, he bought me purdy flowers and grilled up some steaks, and we capped off the night completing our first jigsaw puzzle together– this one from one of Mya’s favorite illustrators. Yup, we’ve reached a whole new level of cool. You’re stuck with me, Derek. Sincerely, your first (and last!) wife!

In case you want to check out how we celebrated our anniversary the last couple years, click here and here.


Grateful for my parents that help us in so many ways. Most recently when Derek was traveling for five days, I knew I would need backup. We stayed at their house the entire time and it was glorious. My favorite part? My Mom’s gourmet cooking… and the Children’s Discovery Center in Topeka. Seriously so cool. Mya’s favorite part? The jeep.



Reminded of my blessings. My little bro got hitched and it was a weekend filled with extended family and many family friends. To be together all at once was so special. Also currently guilty of borrowing my brother’s wedding photographer for some family of four pics. Because we don’t have many and when we do take them, they’re super up close and personal (like the one below!) Time to whip out the selfie stick!


Listening to “Squirrels in the Bathtub” by Sunny Day Rainbows. Still. Over and over again. My aunt got Mya this CD and she absolutely loves it. The lyrics are hilarious, ranging from songs such as “I Ate Too Many Apples” to “Max the Giraffe.”

Relieved Easter is over. Is that bad to admit? It was a long day. Turns out the holidays seem to wear our little threenager out to the point of tantrums. As far as Mya knew, the Easter bunny was postponed due to the morning snow. But really he was postponed because we didn’t want to reward her with morning Easter surprises after she was throwing a fit about wearing pants. So he was sneaky and hopped on through our house around 4 PM to drop off a (somewhat) blue nightstand. Her reaction was pretty priceless…


Hoarding 17 bunny stuffed animals. Mya enjoyed this photoshoot. But I can’t say the same for Leah.


If you want to see what we were doing last year for Easter, click here and here. Or if you want to see how small Mya used to be, click here.

Registered Mya for 3-4 year old tot soccer… and also signed Derek up for the coach! Their first game is Saturday, so keep a lookout via Instagram for an inevitable post. Mya is pumped with her sweat bands, but isn’t changing her dietary habits during the season. When I asked her the flavor of her ice cream, she said “Sugar.”


They are the orange team. We are open to any and all suggestions for team name. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!


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