Confession: Everytime I was in the Home Depot hardware aisle, I had always wanted a reason to buy this Everbilt clear container. I was quite sure there were endless possibilities for its uses, but it wasn’t until the other day that I finally realized why I desperately needed it: a seek-n-find tube! Every kid needs a seek-n-find tube and this plastic hardware container definitely ups the cool factor.


perler beads
Everbilt clear container
random little things — little animals like these work great
small scoop/ cup

1. Gather all supplies.
2. Trade off scooping in some perler beads and adding the random little things into the tube. The scoop turned out to be an essential part of the process. Using her hands to transfer the beads only had them ending up all over the floor.
3. Tightly secure lid of container.


Below: Mya intensely seeking the green turtle. That lasted about three seconds until she just wanted to take the lid off and play with the beads. I think she had more fun gathering all the little toys and trinkets around the house than she did completing the project.


But she still humored me with some silly pics and shaking it like a maraca with a little jig.


How easy would it be to make these at a birthday party? Fun, random, minimal supplies… and no glue or paint makes for one easy clean-up. And as a special bonus, the Everbilt containers come in a variety of colors. I knew you were concerned about that.

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