Mothers’ Day is May 8th– less than a month away! Luckily for Derek and the girls, they don’t need to buy me any of these things. I’ll be happy if they make me something with their handprints and scribble on some paper. Because handmade gifts are seriously the best gifts. And because spoiler alert: I might’ve already bought some of these things for myself.


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1. I count myself super lucky to have my Mom as my BFF, so I should probably get this bangle set for us to share. It’s also a must because… rose gold! And if you just want to buy one for Mom and not yourself, get this other one.

2. Every time I’m in Target, the DIY craft kits call my name. Anything by Hand Made Modern would be so fun to make with Mya on Mothers’ Day… or any day.

3. Show your love on a mug: “I love you to the moon and back.” That’s a lot of love.

4. I need this shirt. A long time ago, Derek and I started a game where we chase Mya around the house, chanting the following in a deep voice: “I’m a big Mama (or Dada) bear. I’m a big Mama bear. And I wanna snuggle you!” I would also need “Dada Bear,” “Mya Bear,” and “Baby Bear” shirts for the rest of the fam jam. This mug is also pretty perfect.

5. Full disclosure here: I have never tried this hair mask. However, I did just order the Argan oil shampoo and conditioner and I am a fan. It smells like a spa.

6. I’ve been intrigued by these stainless Steel S’well bottles. And the heart print is just the cherry on top.

7. My Mom got these sweatpant capris for me in grey; and I probably wear them entirely too often. But I’m okay with it. I’m also okay with them coming in another color– the blue ones are mighty enticing.

8. Every Mom would love wearing these stacking rings with each child’s name. The designer’s name is Lisa Leonard and I love her story.

9. Do your kids pull your hair? Or do you want to pull your hair out because of your kids? Either way, you need these.

10. If you give this to your Mom, it’s game over. You’ve admitted defeat and you must surrender to the woman that birthed you. Because after all, it was child birth and we all should be indebted to our Mothers because of this.

This little gift guide is for all you Moms out there needing to know what to get yourself for Mothers’ Day! You also might like this girly gift guide. Enjoy, ladies!

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